Our offices in Listowel, Drayton, and Mount Forest will be closed on Saturday, June 29th, and Monday, July 1st, for the Canada Day weekend. We will reopen for business on Tuesday July 2nd at 8am.

We will continue to provide 24-hour emergency services for our clients. In the event of a veterinary emergency please call

Veterinary FAQs

There is no question too big or too small for our veterinary team. Below are some answers to our most common questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Heartland SA and LA, we get a ton of interesting questions from pet parents. Below are some common FAQs that might help answer any questions or concerns. Please feel free to contact for any other concerns you might have about your pet.

Its my first time coming to your clinic with my pet, what should I bring?

Welcome to Heartland Animal Hospital! We are excited to meet you. If we don’t already have a copy of your previous medical records, we ask that you bring a copy along with you. If your pet is coming for their annual visit, we recommend bringing a stool sample to test for parasites. This can be brought in a sanitary container and should be collected within 12 hours of your appointment –the fresher, the better.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to see a doctor?

Our clinic sees patients on an appointment basis. If you arrive as a walk-in, we will make every effort to see you as soon as we can. However, priority will be given to clients and their pets with scheduled appointments. Please understand if we can not see you right away. There is often a lot happening at the clinic, and many patients requiring the veterinarian’s attention.

What forms of payment does your clinic accept?

We are happy to accept the following payment methods: Cash, Debit, Visa, or Mastercard. If you are unsure if the type of payment you have will be accepted, please ask one of our Client Care Representatives prior to your appointment!

Does your clinic offer after hours services?

Heartland Animal Hospital offers after-hour services to our clients only. If your pet requires medical attention outside of our regular business hours, please call the clinic, and our answering service will help get you in touch with a veterinarian. If your pet requires medical attention outside of our business hours, we recommend contacting Campus Estates Animal Hospital located in Guelph, ON. They can be reached at 519-837-1212.

How do I obtain a copy of my pets medical records?

We are always happy to provide you with a copy of your pet’s medical records. Please contact our clinic and speak to one of our Client Care Representatives, who will be happy to get your pet’s records sent off to you. If you are switching to a different clinic, we are also happy to send them directly to the clinic of your choice upon request.

My pet is really well behaved. Does he/she need to be on a leash or in a carrier when I come to the clinic?

For the safety and protection of all clients, patients, and veterinary staff, we require all pets to be on a leash or in a carrier when they arrive at our hospital. We ask that you keep your pet restrained while they are in the waiting area and while traveling to and from the exam rooms. Once you have arrived in the exam room with a veterinary technician, they will let you know when it’s OK to let your pet off-leash or out of their carrier. We often have a lot going on in our clinic. For any pet, the unfamiliar surroundings, new animals, and all sorts of smells may make them uneasy or excited. We want to make your experience as pleasant as possible while here at the clinic.

What is the best way to schedule an appointment?
To make an appointment, we ask that you contact any of our 3 locations by phone or email so that we can get you a convenient time slot. Please note that if this is a medical emergency, we ask that you contact us by phone to get your pet booked in at an appropriate time. We will always do our best to get your pet booked in a timely manner based on our scheduling availability.
Is it okay to call the clinic with questions about my pets health?

Absolutely. Although we can’t provide lengthy consultations or a diagnosis over the phone, we are happy to help answer any questions you have or help find the answer to your questions. If you are concerned about your pet, please call to make an appointment so the vet can consult and treat appropriately. Sometimes depending on our staff availability, our hospital may be able to perform a telemedicine consult, or we may be able to connect you with an RVT to triage your concern. Feel free to contact our clinic during regular business hours, and our client care team will help direct your call.

Do you offer payment plans?

Heartland Animal Hospital does not offer any payments plans for elective procedures and appointments at this time. We request that services are paid for at the time of visit. If you have any questions about our payment policy, please feel free to ask. We recommend contacting MediCard for payment assistance or reaching out to a family member or friend who may assist. If you have payment limit restrictions, please let our staff know, and we will help recommend the best treatment while keeping your limit in mind.

I think something is wrong with my pet. Can I call you and have a vet diagnose my pet on the phone?

Unfortunately, veterinarians are not able to diagnose over the phone. We recommend contacting the clinic to set up an appointment with a veterinarian if you feel your pet is experiencing medical concerns. A physical exam is necessary, so your veterinarian can provide an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. We all want the best for your pet, so ensuring they receive the proper treatment is crucial.

Will I see the same veterinarian each visit?

Although our team will make every effort to schedule you with your requested veterinarian, we can not always guarantee we will be successful. All of our team works between all three of our locations which means they may not always be at your desired location. Scheduling conflicts, emergency situations, and vacation scheduled will also play a role in their availability. Please feel free to ask for a specific veterinarian when you schedule your appointment, and we will do our best to facilitate your request. However, please be understanding if we can’t.