Heartland Animal Hospital

Compassionate care for animals of all sizes. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

Heartland Animal Hospital

Providing Mid-Western Ontario with excellent on-farm veterinary services.

Heartland Animal Hospital

We will treat everyone with integrity, compassion, and respect at our hospital.

Heartland Animal Hospital

Our commitment is to providing the best veterinary care possible.


The COVID-19 pandemic has been a very trying time for the veterinary industry. Since March 2020, veterinary hospitals throughout the province have experienced unprecedented caseload volumes and staffing shortages. We are keenly aware that spreading the team too thin is detrimental to them and the well-being of our patients. As a result, we have made the following adjustments for our clients’ overnight after-hours emergency care during the summer months.

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Regarding New Clients

Currently, due to the high demand and volume in the veterinary industry, we are not accepting new clients until further notice. This is only a temporary change, and we encourage all new clients interested in becoming part of the Heartland family to reach out in the coming months to see when we are accepting new clients again.

Who We Are

About Heartland Animal Hospital

As leaders in the profession, our veterinary team is dedicated to the provision of excellent progressive veterinary medicine and outstanding customer service. We will treat everyone with integrity, compassion, and respect.

Small Animal Services

Our veterinary team provides excellent care to your fur family at all 3 of our Heartland clinic locations.
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Large Animal Services

Serving mid-western Ontario with a team of species-specific veterinarians and vet technicians.
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Equine Services

Whether you’re riding pastures, jumping fences, cutting steers, or performing a piaffe, we strive to partner with you to provide for your horse’s diverse needs.

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Embryo Transfer Services

Embryo transfer has proved to be a powerful technology in the genetic improvement of animals.
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Our Vision

Species-Specific Veterinary Services

We are a multi-species animal health care team located in mid-western Ontario, providing species-specific veterinary services. We strive to be leaders in our profession and achieve success for our patients, our clients, and our team by pursuing excellence in veterinary medicine and customer service.

What we do

Veterinary Services

Heartland Vets Offers many different services for small and large animals. See some of the services below or contact us for more information.

Pet Wellness Care

Animal Comfort

Pet Surgical Services

Pet Food Nutrition